Perfect for chat moderation

The bot includes chat filters, and many commands for interacting with the channel chat.

Configurable and modular

All functions of the bot can be toggled and configured from the web interface.

Includes helpful statistics

BlipBot will store and represent detailed statistics on your entire channel's activity, and each viewer.

Quick, simple setup

We will set up and host the bot for your channel. BlipBot is completely free.

Points system

Reward your viewers for being active in your channel by creating your channel's own currency. Detailed public webpages show exactly where points came from, and a leaderboard.

Custom commands

Create commands where users can specify arguments, or limit certain custom commands to certain people. Basic commands are already included, such as !twitter, !youtube, !wa, !google and !statistics.

Follower notifications

Welcome your viewers when they follow you, by sending a message in chat.

Raffles and giveaways

Giving back to your viewers is simple. You can start raffles to randomly draw those who are active in your chat.

Warning system

Set up automatic chat filters to watch emoticon spam, swear words, caps, symbols spam, or repeating messages. Give your moderators the power to warn those who misbehave, and create timed bans.

Link resolver

Optionally, the bot will give an accurate and useful overview of any links someone sends in chat. Alternatively, you can block links for those who are not permitted to send them.

Scheduled messages

Configure messages that will be repeatedly sent to your channel. Remind your users to follow, or to tweet out the stream.

Minecraft and integration

Allow your viewers to spend points to get a timed whitelist on your Minecraft server. Tell your viewers what you're listening to with

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